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Tools to improve your game

The below tools are all completely free if you sign up to a Poker room through their website.
You may also take free trials and pay if you wish to continue to use them.

Texas Calculatem
The Original is still King! Texas Calculatem remains the hottest selling poker odds calculator on the web and for good reason. It uses sophisticated Auto-Read technology to give you hand odds and betting advice in real-time helping you maximize your winnings. With over 25,000 copies in active use, Texas Calculatem is the most popular odds calculator in the world. The only sure bet in poker is that one of your opponents is using Texas Calculatem. Are YOU!?

Sit & Go Shark
After months of work, poker pro Roy Rounder was able to compile thousands of his sage-like Texas Holdem tips into an online poker odds calculator designed to help players finish in the money in Sit & Go tournaments. Sit & Go Shark considers 7 different variables or “critical success factors” on every hand to offer the player real-time betting advice based on Roy Rounder’s personal poker playbook. Shark works exclusively in sit and go tournaments and makes it easy for players to finish in the money. If you’re not the shark, you’re shark bait – BE THE SHARK!

Holdem Genius
Be a Genius – a Holdem Genius! This is the most advanced poker odds calculator ever invented. If you’re playing with Holdem Genius, then you’re getting instant and accurate betting advice based on your hole cards, your pot odds, your immediate outs, and much more! Holdem Genius easily attaches to your online poker table so you never had to change screens, and it is supported in over 100 poker rooms. This is the odds calculator guaranteed to make you feel like a Genius and help you instantly win more money at the tables!

Calculatem Pro
From the makers of the hottest selling poker odds calculator comes Calculatem Pro – the most powerful Texas Holdem odds calculator on the market. Calculatem Pro has revolutionized the world of Texas Holdem poker calculators with its superior features and precise customization. It uses the latest, most sophisticated technology and algorithms to instantly calculate hand AND pot odds – bringing you the most accurate advice in a sleek, easy-to-use interface. Calculatem Pro is a “must-have” for any Texas Holdem poker player serious about winning at the tables!

Poker Usher
Do you prefer playing poker with the best players, or do you prefer to win? Poker Usher helps you stay away from strong players so you can win more money, it’s as simple as that. Parting from this valuable information, Poker Usher helps you find the poker tables that contain the most passive players and the biggest losers. When you find a player you play really well against, you can put him or her up on your Poker Usher buddy list, and from then on you will know instantly if that player is online, so you can join the game and continue building your bankroll. A central feature of Poker Usher is the softness rating of poker tables. The best news is that you can get Poker Usher FOR FREE!!
Coach Rounder
Professional Coach Rounder gives you 52 weeks of personalized mentoring. This is an absolute first on the internet! Seeing that you can get a full year of coaching for free, it is hard to think of a reason why you wouldnt want to give Coach Rounder a chance. Possibly the only reason would be if you decided not to play any more poker. But then again, such a drastic decision could arguably have to be modified if you saw your game suddenly improve by several levels. To top it all, you can get it for FREE! Yes that’s right, a full year of personalized poker advice from professional Coach Rounder at no cost. You just have to open a new account with one of their partner online poker rooms.
Poker Crusher
Poker Crusher is a new kind of support software for online poker players. Using a database with millions of poker hands, it displays real-time statistics on each opponent at the table. Stats for tightness, pre-fop aggression etc. are shown in a box beside each player, easy to read and always updated. Very comprehensive data on each player can be analyzed in a separate window.Try Poker Crusher today