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Sit and go Strategy

Playing in various sit and goes (aka sit n go) gives you the experience you need to grow playing Texas Hold’em poker. Most online poker sites have these types of tables. It begins when there are enough players in the table and involves 1 table only. It ends for a player when his chips are gone – the top 3 are the winners. Here are some tips when playing sit n goes.

Tip 1: Play tight when blinds are low

There is no need to take risks when the blinds are low. You can afford to fold. Avoid risky bluffs and dangerous confrontations. Play tight early. You should raise when your hands are solid pre-flop and raise again if the flop is to your advantage.

Tip 2: Exploit position

If your position is early then you should fold whenever dealt weak hands. If your hands are strong (e.g. AA or JJ) then raise. Playing in middle position is similar – play tight and raise with strong hands. Avoid using marginal hands with large pots.
The later your position the more hands you can add due to information advantage. Exploiting position means you are last to act. If none of your opponents bet or raise then you can check.

Tip 3: Loosen up and get aggressive when blinds increase

As the value of blinds increase, you won’t be able to afford folding and playing very tight (unless your stack is large). Call or raise opponents who bet if your cards are premium. Opponents will be defensive about their chips and if you have a good hand try luring them into a big pot.
Blinds increase as the game progresses. Utilize probabilities at later points and balance it with aggressive play. You will have to loosen up a bit and take a bit more risk. Observe if any players seem passive.

Tip 4: The bubble and chip stacks

The bubble is the point in a tournament where a player gets eliminated before the payoff to the winning players. In sit and goes – the top three split the prize money – the fourth player is busted from the bubble and gets no cash.
This point in the tournament requires a change in strategy. Players will be more protective of their chips and aggressive players take advantage of this. Also the stack sizes of opponents is a major indication of their possible action. High stack players can afford to call. Low stack players will call out of desperation. Middle stacks are likely to fold.
Raise and go all-in when your hands are strong. Observe opponents’ stacks so you know when to call and raise.

Tip 5: Lessons learned

You probably won’t win every sit and go. But playing in them puts you in the same position as tournament final rounds. Remember that tournaments have several tables but sit and goes only have one. Playing in various sit and goes exposes you to various playing styles and situations which is key for any serious poker enthusiast. Play in many small stakes sit and goes to build experience.
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