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5 Poker Tips For Beginners


1. Avoid loose play

When you start playing for real money get the feel of your opponents first. Play tight – a tight player is one who plays a few hands. You are considered a loose player if you play too many hands. Playing loose is a fast way to burn your chips.
For instance Qh 3s is not a hand you probably want to play with. You aren’t suppose to play every hand you get. You should fold when it is appropriate.

2. Start in low stakes tables

High stakes games have incredible prize money and are very tempting. Don’t play in these if you are a beginner. In fact, you should only play in games that you can afford. Your poker money should be spare change or money you can lose without getting emotional.
Learn to play and win before you start testing the waters in high stakes tables. Look for rooms with easier opponents. These opponents are sometimes called fish because they lose money often. If you are a beginner consider yourself a fish.
Start poker by gaining experience playing many small stakes games.

3. Separate poker money from essential funds

Playing poker with essential finances such as your children’s college fund results in disaster! Think about it – if logic says fold you should fold. But if the money involved is the college fund will you let it go? Chances are you will raise as a bluff and lose it.
Maintain a bankroll that is separate from your essential household finances. This will prevent difficult situations where you refuse to let go. If you cannot bear to lose money, consider playing free poker games to test your emotions.

4. Control your emotions.

You won’t win every hand in poker. It’s normal and you may even lose money several times in a row – you need to be able to accept this . The money you use in poker should be spare money you can do without. Some players can’t accept losing and get emotional.
Experienced players know this and take advantage it. Emotional players might make devastating decisions such as betting based on the hope of getting a flush. They may go all-in with weak cards and lose even more.
Emotions give you away and make you easy prey for sharks. When you play online poker consider having something that relaxes you – for instance music or a chocolate bar.

5. Learn how to estimate hand odds

Poker has probabilities and risk. Should you call with 2h 5h? What about Qs Kc? Beginners rarely grasp the concept of hand odds. Serious poker players utilize hand odds against fish for easy wins. Don’t be the fish learn how to calculate poker hand odds.
As a quick reference keep this webpage open while you play online poker for immediate advice: Starting Hands Tables
Also, you can use our free poker odds calculator to determine the chances of you winning the pot. This tool will give you the odds and a recommended course of action.

We recommend these poker sites for beginners:

US Players – Carbon Poker or Bovada
Non US Players – 888 Poker or Party Poker