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How to Bet


Bet and Raise

The fun part about poker is that it isn’t all about luck. Skill and mathematics arguably have more influence on whether you win or not. Betting, raising and going all in are exhilarating when played properly. Make sure you have a good understanding of how to calculate odds to make you more effective in judging when to make such moves.
The most obvious reason someone bets or raises is to increase the size of the pot. One of the reasons aggressive players win more than passive ones is because they can also win by getting opponents to fold. A bet or raise make those with weaker cards fold. However if you play it right it can make even those with strong hands fold.
Playing right means raising when you have strong hands at the early stages. It allows you to get opponents to fold leaving maybe one or two opponents. At this point examine stack size they have. These two opponents may have called because they have a large stack or small stack. It is likely that the one with a small stack called out of desperation so make sure you have a strong hand against the one with a large stack.
Utilize mathematics when you raise especially if you are waiting for a card to get a flush or straight. Also examine if the flop and turn leads to the possibility that your opponent has strong cards. If you have a full house and up then you should definitely go all in.


Chances are you’re playing No-limit Texas Holdem. A major difference between No-limit Holdem is the move it enables you to do – bet everything you’ve got – all in. A player who effectively utilizes this move can make opponents to fold and eliminate challengers.
Note that we said effectively utilizes. It forces opponents to tread carefully because to call it will come down to the strength of the opponent/s hand on the river. To call it though entails big risk. The all in is a powerful move because making it makes you unbluffable.
You should only go all in with at least a decent hand. If you’ve watched some world series poker tournaments where you see hard core bluffs note that these are poker masters and may have been calculating the move up to this point. Poker is situational – as a beginner make sure you have a very strong hand when you go all in.