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Poker Pot Odds Calculator

Use our Poker pot odds calculator to work out the chances of you winning the pot. To use it, enter the number of players who were dealt cards etc. as instructed below. The pot odds calculator will then tell you the chances of you improving your hand and your odds of winning the hand. It will also advise whether you should check, call, raise or fold.

1) Enter the number of players who were dealt cards

2) Enter table stakes

3) Enter your hole cards.

4) Enter the flop cards.

5) Hit calculate to calculate the odds.

6) Enter the Turn card when ready and hit calculate.

7) Enter the river card to find your best hand.


Number of players
with starting hands:

Table stakes:

Your hole cards:

——————–FLOP——————— —-TURN—-

Your best hand is: High Card
Best advice: Check/Fold