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Learn Texas Hold Em- Lesson Three

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The importance of Position (in relation to the button)


The first thing you must consider once you are seated at the table is position. Position: this is where you sit at the table in relation to the dealer. The closer you are to the right of the dealer, the better position you are in. The worst position on the table is the person to the immediate left of the dealer. The best position is the dealer himself (the player currently on the dealer button) as he is therefore the last to act.
Why does is being the last to act so advantageous? Suppose the betting before you has been weak or non-existant- this is an ideal chance to steal the pot by representing a strong hand and betting. A high bet will be hard for anyone before you to call as they know you have the chance to act after them every time. If they are chasing a hand (are seeking one or more cards to give them a strong hand see hand rankings) they will know it will cost them more if they fail to hit their card on the flop, turn or river as you are likely to bet again.


The opposite is true for being in first position (the small blind see “The blinds and the dealer button”), as you are first to act it can be tricky to bet your hand. Every other player still in the hand will always act after you. Due to this, there is no need for anyone of them to represent their hand until they wish to. Their hand could better yours throughout and you will not know until they wish to let you know as they are always acting after you.


All the other places on the table are relative to the first position and the last position (the dealer ow whoever is closest to the right of the dealer button and still active in the game). You can of course find yourself being in last position by those to your right folding to a bet. One advantage of being in an early position is being in position to “trap”. We will discuss this more later but trapping is basically pretending to be weak and not betting when you think you are winning. This will encourage those to your left to bet, allowing you to act again- at which point you could bet or re-raise trapping the player into committing more chips than they wished.

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