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Learn Texas Hold Em- Lesson Ten


Limits and Betting

Poker Limit variations
Fixed Limit: fixed limit is the least risky as the amount that your opponent can bet/raise you is fixed to whatever limit the table is your are playing at. For example if you are playing at $0.5/$1 for instance, the maximum that can by bet/raised at any one instance is $1. You should note that the left hand figure, in this example is $0.5 is the standard bet preflop and on the turn. However on the turn and river, the maximum bet/raise is the right hand figure: $1. There is nothing however to stop two players raising and re-raising each other, this can usually be done to a maximum of four bets in total.
Therefore the most you can bet/lose preflop and on the flop is ($2)4 x $0.5 and on the turn or river is $4(4 x $1). So although the betting is limited, if the betting is capped (the maximum number of bets have been placed, ) you could still lose $12. This is very uncommon however. A quick way to work out the maximum you can lose is simply by multiplying the right hand amount by 12 e.g. $2/$4 Fixed limit, maximum loss in a single hand is $4 x 12= $48. A better way to look at it is the maximum you can win is the number of other players multiplied by that maximum loss(9 x $48 = $432). Again, hands where this will happen are ludicrously unlikely!
Below is a table showing you the betting limits.

Limit Blinds(SB/BB) Max standard Bet Max Bet onTurn/River
$0.25/$0.50 $0.25/$0.50 $0.25 $0.50
$0.5/$1 $0.5/$1 $1 Raise(or call if raised)
$1/$2 $1/$2 $1 $2
$2/$4 $2/$4 $2 $4
$3/$6 $3/$6 $3 $6
and so on…

Pot Limit
Pot Limit betting basically means that the maximum you can bet is whatever is currently in the pot. So if 5 players on a $1/$2 PL table all see the flop, there will be roughly $5 in the pot(depending on if either of the blinds has folded in which case there will be a little more). So if the pot size is $5, you guessed it- the maximum bet that can be placed is $5. Should someone then bet that, it will be added to the pot and the maximum bet will then become $10 etc. You can lose a lot more money than fixed limit playing Pot limit Poker, so if you are a beginner you should stick to Fixed Limit betting to control your betting.
No Limit
No Limit is by far the most common form of betting in Poker. If you have watched any Poker on TV, they will have been playing No Limit. It does what it says on the tin, there is no limit to what you can bet. Very dangerous if you are a beginner!
One reason you should avoid this as a beginner is curiosity will inevitably cause you to go against your better judgment and call a seemingly insignificant bet you shouldn’t and the next thing you know you have a hand you think is good. What if someone then decides they don’t want you to call them so they then bet the equivalent of all your chips…do you risk everything and call them in the hope their hand isn’t better? The decision is yours, you may of course be winning and they may be trying to bluff you out of the pot. That is why you should avoid No Limit Poker at all costs until you are a more experienced Poker player.

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