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Learn Texas Hold Em- Lesson Six

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The Turn card

The Turn card is the fourth community card that is dealt, you can now use any five of the six cards that are available to you to make your best hand.

Your choices on the turn-

You haven’t hit your hand: if you still haven’t hit your hand and the odds are now against you then fold if bet. If someone bets and the odds are still in your favour, then you have value to call the bet but you should probably fold as the odds aren’t in your favour.

You have hit your hand: bet it, if you get raised you will need to re-read the hand to see if you think you are still in front. Example if you have hit a flush or a full house, have you got the best flush or could there be a better full house? (read our hand rankings table to see which hands are the highest value)

If you are sure you are in front, re-raise if you have a slight doubt then maybe only call but of course depending on the size of the bet you should also consider folding. If you are playing Limit Poker then bets cannot be that big, but in Pot Limit or No Limit Poker it could cost you a lot of money to call. With the last card, the river card, on it’s way it’s time to start praying the Poker gods are with you…


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