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Learn Texas Hold Em- Lesson Eleven


Learn to calculate poker hand odds


How to Calculate Hand Odds


Ever wonder how they calculate the percentage chance of winning when you watch Poker on TV on shows like the World Poker Tour? Well, wonder no more- you will know how to do this yourself in one minute.


1. Count your total number of outs. In other words, the number of cards that will give you a winning hand.

2. When the flop is dealt, mutliply you number of outs by 4.

This gives you the percentage chance of you winning the hand.

3. When the turn card is drawn, these odds are halved as you have one less card to draw.


It is that simple!
Count your Outs, Multiply by Four, Halve on the Turn


Here is an example to demonstrate
Your Hole Cards: J(h) 10(h)
Flop:4(h) Q(h) 9(d)

So the winning hands you can make are:
A Flush- any heart, you have 4 of 13 hearts so there are 9 hearts you can hit.
A Straight- you have 9, 10, J, Q. So an 8 or a King will give you a straight.
8 more outs.
Total number of outs: 9 + 8 = 17
Then multiply this by 4 to get your percentage change of winning, 4 x 17 = 68%

These odds then half if you fail to hit on the turn…combine these odds with Pot odds and you cannot lose.

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